Geocache Ammo Can Camouflage Container


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Product Description

  • Genuine US Military Surplus Empty M2A1 Ammunition Can
  • Size:
    • Exterior: 12”L x 6”W x 7.5”D
    • Interior: 11″L x 5.5″W x 7″D
  • Weight: 5.2lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Air Tight & Water Resistant
  • Color: Olive Drab
  • Camouflage Painted
  • Includes 2 Geocache Labels (laminate and attach)

The genuine military surplus steel M2A1 can is often referred to as the .50 cal ammo can, however, it is used to carry various munitions.  Featuring a rubber seal around the lid, these cans are designed to be very air tight and water resistant.  The ammo cans are designed to be stackable; there is a fold down handle on the top that lays flat for easy storage or the lid can be completely removed.  Olive drab, desert tan, and coyote brown color scheme painted steel increases weather resistance and longevity.   Includes two geocache 5 x 3.5 labels- we recommend laminating and attaching them to the outside of the can.

*These cans can be locked using a long shackle padlock- we recommend an American made lock (Wilson Bohannan Lock Company still manufactures in the USA).  Perfect for hundreds of storage uses and projects!

Condition– camo ammo cans have previously been used by the military and show signs of wear. The INSIDE may have scuffs, scratches, and/or very minimal surface rust spots. The rubber gasket may show wear, but is still in good shape and is completely usable. The OUTSIDE may have some exterior surface rust, scratches, dents, and camo paint pattern will be unique.


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