Extreme Cold Weather Bunny Boots




  • Genuine US Military Issue
  • Waterproof
  • Rubber Boot with Wool and Felt Insulation
  • Rigid, Non-Slip Rubber Sole
  • Ski Strap Shelf
  • Air Valve
  • Environment: Extreme Cold- Rated to -20 Degrees or Below
  • Color: White

THE EXTREME COLD WEATHER BOOT: The boots were originally designed to protect US soldiers’ feet from cold injury and frostbite in extreme cold weather areas. But over the years, civilians started wearing the boots for work and recreation. The bunny boot (named after the Snowshoe Hare of Alaska) is the most popular choice among serious polar explorers, ice fishers, trappers, and snowmobile riders in Alaska and Antarctica. The ski shelf allows for attaching to ski and snowshoe bindings. A vapor lock system maximizes insulation by creating a vacuum between the layers of rubber and felt, trapping warmth and ensuring protection against extreme cold weather temperatures.

Cleaning & Repair Instructions: Proper cleaning and care will help to cosmetically refurbish and maintain these boots for years to come. For general cleaning: sprinkle lightly with a general purpose scouring powder. Wash inside of boots once a month with soapy water. Wet a soap impregnated steel wool pad and rub lightly. Rinse with water. Repair all inside and outside punctures with ordinary rubber patching.

Sources: Bata Shoe Company, boot instruction tags


CONDITION: NEW OLD STOCK Boots may have minor blemishes (dark scuff marks, etc.)  from extended bulk storage.  Brand, packaging and tags may vary by size.

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Weight 9 lbs


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