We Buy Sell Trade Military Uniforms

Due to a recent robbery, we are not currently purchasing any uniforms

US Military Uniforms

We Buy Sell Trade Old Military Uniforms

Black Star Surplus buys and sells both new and used us military uniforms.  We currently have items that include: Multi-cam FROG gear combat shirts, ACU camouflage uniforms, USMC boonie hats, Army patrol caps, US Navy ‘blueberries”, US Army PT clothing, flight suits, USAF camouflage tiger pattern camouflage uniforms and much more.  Due to our limited stock, we currently sell our new and excellent condition items through our eBay store.  View our current online inventory here.

Local Oklahoma City residents will find a variety of excellent to well used uniform pieces in our OKC military surplus store at 920 North Many Avenue.  Pieces start as low as $4 in the store.  Visit our store (located in the back of Memory Market Mall) to see our current store inventory!



Selling used military uniforms?

Due to a recent robbery, we are not currently purchasing any uniforms

Out of state? Due to the cost of shipping, it is best to search for a military surplus store in your area

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Donate Used Uniforms

Used PT clothes, worn out uniforms or even dress uniforms that no one is interested in purchasing?  Consider donating them to Black Star Surplus’ PROJECT S.O.S. .  Dontations will go to help keep homeless veterans across the United States alive while on the streets (through sleeping bag donations).  Learn more about the program or donate today!