Inexpensive (and easy!) DIY Lego™ Halloween Costume Idea

I have two young Lego fanatics in my house.  They watch the movie, they play the video games, they spend endless hours building with their thousands and thousands of blocks.  It is safe to say they LOVE Legos.  So I thought it would be a perfect Halloween costume.  Except, that is the ONE thing Lego doesn’t (currently) have on the market.

So using what creativity I do have, I decided to search for the EASIEST and LEAST EXPENSIVE way to build my own Lego costume.   I was looking for a simple project that didn’t require major tools or hundreds of steps and supplies.  Several hours of internet research had me ready to put my creativity and artistic ability to the ultimate test: building a lightweight costume that is safe and sturdy enough to be worn by excited children on a dark Halloween night and likely running wild in the house and yard for the next several months.  There are some VERY creative and talented people out there; I read one guy spent several hundred dollars and DAYS building a phenomenal costume.   You can even purchase great, but pricey, pre-made heads on Etsy.  I don’t have the creativity, talent, money or time for a project like that!  I also was not ecstatic about cutting cardboard form tubes or carefully shaping layers of Styrofoam; nor did I think the kids would be comfortable wearing those hard, heavy things.

I never found that perfect project so I created my own!  Basically, I used a roll of yellow Duck™  tape to transform an inexpensive military sleeping mat from Black Star Surplus into a dream costume for my kids.  It’s not perfect and there are things I would do differently the next time, but you can’t beat the ease or cost of this project and it is soft, flexible and very safe even for young children.   Order your mat today to use for camping, costume building or anything in between!

I measured it to wrap around my son’s head. Not tight, but not too loose as it rides on their shoulders.

While flat: I covered the piece with tape. I placed it back on and marked, then cut, eye holes. I used scrap felt and hot glue for the features. I also used some fabric mesh ribbon to cover the eye holes and give it the dark Lego-eye look.

Then I taped it into a cylinder.

The top was not as easy, layers of the foam mat, but that should get you a Lego-style head.



inexpensive DIY Lego costume head

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