Trucks, Tires & Tents- Check out some cool stuff at Black Star Surplus

As a few of you know, we started out re-purposing military vehicles for farm and work.  Although that is no longer our primary focus, we still have a lot of cool stuff lying around.  We’ve got tires, crates, gas tanks, tents, trucks and miscellaneous vehicle parts.  Check out our trucks, tires, trailers and parts in more detail.   If you’re looking for something contact us HERE and we’ll see what we can do to find it!

*Goodyear 395/85 R20 tires, Michelin 385/85 R20, 5 ton military truck transmissions and engines, 5 ton wrecker, 5 ton truck cab, deuce and a half, ammo cans, transfer cases, military aircraft parts, command post tents, ammunition crates and a lot more.  If you’re looking for it, we might have it.

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