Kids’ Military Shade Structure- Blanket Fort Ideas!

The coolest blanket canopy / tent/ fort!

Almost everyone remembers building blanket forts as a child.  Likely, everyone remembers the main problem that went into constructing them: how to tie them to your structure.  You lost 1/2 of your blanket trying to stuff it between your chairs to get it to stay up!  And it got hot in there.  Fast.   Our USGI mosquito net used as a kid blanket fort eliminates both problems!  With 12 attachment points (6 on top, 6 along the bottom), kids can easily tie it to anything.  The wide nylon straps are also easy for parents to untie from anything.  The lightweight, breathable fabric keeps it nice and cool even for outdoor summer play and allows parents to easily see inside.  And you guessed it- it also keeps mosquitoes out! Although the net measures 200 x 78 inches, why not tie two together and give your kids a giant tent?  Build a PVC frame or cut into sections to screen in the bottom of a trampoline. Add it as a screened porch to a tree house or shade and camouflage a backyard playset…  the possibilities are endless!  See some other great ideas on our Pinterest Board.

We’re always looking for photos of people using our surplus: serious hikers, tactical missions or even kids making a fort out of our USGI mosquito net!  Send your photos to us and we’ll feature them on our website, Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter!

boys military camo play tent

Bikes and chairs make a good tent structure

inside boys army fort/ blanket tent

A quick wall to keep the adults out

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