Military Surplus Trucks, Trailers, Parts and Equipment

Military Trucks, Truck Parts, Trailers & Equipment

military truck parts surplus.  We still get several requests about our military trucks for sale.  Although we have moved more toward field gear, clothing and ammo cans, we still have several from the infamous deuce and a half to the 5 ton wrecker.  Conditions vary and we’re sort of collectors, so we ask you to please CONTACT US if interested in a purchase.   You can also follow us on Facebook- we will continue to post photos of all types of surplus online.  We’ve added some photos of what we currently have in our lot whether you are looking to purchase- or just looking- we’ve added them back just as you keep asking us to do!  We have dozens of military truck tires, Humvee tires, military trailers including one 3/4 ton M101A2 cargo trailers, beadlocks for military tires, spare parts, tanks, cases, crates… like we said, we are sort of collectors!  Trucks, tires, trailers or parts are not eligible for free shipping on this site.  These items cannot be purchased on the website.

Military Trucks Tires

Conditions vary, so please call us or use the contact link to get more information.  We have tires for many farm and military trucks, Humvees, beadlocks, rims… A list of a FEW of our tires. Michelin: X2l 14R20, Pilote XL 15.5/80R20, X 395/85R20, 14R20 Goodyear G177 11R20, G395 LH7 295/75R22.5, G286 11R20, Interco 33×12.5R16.5 LT, Firestone T559 11R22.5 14PR, Bridgestone R260 295/75R22.5…

Military Trailers

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