Where Can I Sell My Military Uniforms in OKC

Where Can I Sell My Military Uniforms in OKC?

we buy military surplus


Looking to sell your uniforms in OKC?

Don’t struggle to take photos, pay eBay fees, mail packages while you try to work or meet strangers on Craigslist.  Black Star Surplus is now purchasing used military uniform pieces.

We are located at 1000 North May Avenue

We are interested in BDUs, ABU’s, flight suits, other uniforms and uniform accessories from the US Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. Current or vintage styles welcome.  Multicam, ACU/universal, woodland, MARPAT, and desert camouflage in all sizes accepted.

What will you make? The average price of a new or excellent set of BDU’s / ABUs will bring about $10.00, well used around $4.00. Just because you found an item selling on eBay or Amazon for $60 doesn’t mean your item is worth that to us.  We are willing to negotiate on brand new or rare items.  Size and condition considered for each transaction- purchase is NOT guaranteed.

Stop by 1000 North May Ave-across from the fairgrounds in Oklahoma City between 8 and 3 Monday through Friday.

Want to know what to expect before you come?  Submit photos of items and details (like condition and NSNs) for faster consideration and better offers.  Email your photos to: sales@ blackstarsurplus.com  today for a quote.


We pay cash OR will trade!