US Military Issue Mosquito Net Insect Barrier




US Military Issue Mosquito Net Canopy for Cots

  • Military Issue
  • Made in the USA
  • 200 x 68 inches
  • Color: Olive Green


USGI Military issue mosquito bar (barrier) is a frame-less mosquito net canopy with a box design originally made to cover the tri-fold cot.  Can be secured at both top and bottom with twelve reinforced total tie straps: 4 each top corner; 2 top center (to help raise height); 6 along bottom (to attach to cot legs).

If tied in this rectangular configuration the net measures roughly 61″ long x 28″ wide x 34″ high.  Weight is about 2 pounds.  Mildew resistant nylon mesh with approximately 625 meshes per square inch. This is an essential piece of individual equipment for camping.  Due to their size,  shape and breathable material, these nets could easily be tied to cribs to protect babies and young children from disease carrying mosquitoes.

Contact us for bulk purchasing for malaria and zika virus protection for missions, donations and travel.

Also available: canopy support wooden dowels

Read our blog or view our Pinterest board to see how these tents also make excellent play tents/ outdoor shade canopies for children!



Very Good

mosquito net canopy very good



military mosquito net canopy good

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
New Old Stock

Unissued, unused, not individually packaged.

Very Good

Previously issued or used, these show signs of very light use. May contain soldier or unit identification.


Item will show signs of use. Small, repairable tears possible. Some tie straps may be missing. May contain soldier or unit identification.


Item will show signs of moderate to heavy use; may have holes that can be patched or are repairable. Tie straps may be missing. May contain soldier or unit identification.

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