About Our Surplus

Black Star Surplus takes great pride and makes great efforts to bring our customers the best AUTHENTIC US Surplus on the market. When you buy from Black Star Surplus you are buying Genuine United States Military Surplus hand sorted into 4 category conditions to give you the most accurate description possible.


Genuine US Surplus by definition is:
1. Extent to which generation of goods, and resources (such as inventory) exceeds their consumption. Surplus of resources is the bedrock on which capitalism is built.
2. Goods that are in excess of the requirement and cannot be returned to the vendor for credit, but are useful for some purpose.
3. Remainder of an appropriation account after all expenditure.
4. Unusual situation in a government budget where revenue exceeds expenditure.




Made in America  The US Government contracts and purchases from American manufacturers to produce items.  These products don’t come fresh out of China perfectly folded in packages; we’re proud of that and we hope you will be too.

Our American Work Force   Black Star Surplus is a small business in Oklahoma City supporting American workers.  We employ several veterans and family members of active duty service members.  You don’t get much more American than that!  Black Star Surplus also works with local organizations that help parolees and those in the transitional phase from being incarcerated learn employable skills.  While being employed in the counting, grading and packing areas of the Black Star Surplus warehouse they learn valuable employable skills and earn income; helping them to once again become productive members of society.

Proven Durability   Products tested in rugged conditions by rugged military members. Rest assured your assault pack can handle your gear for an afternoon hike: it might have spent 18 months on the back of a soldier in Afghanistan. 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.    This might not be your first thought when purchasing military surplus, but when you make your purchase you’re taking it easy on the planet.  Earth thanks you!

Authentic & Unique   Yes, you can go to your local chain retail store shelf and pick up camouflage backpacks and military style boots.  But we offer the real thing, including many hard to find or limited quantity items, and you can’t beat that.



These items are inventoried by the US Government and distributed all over the world, many times traveling the globe several times before they are actually ISSUED to a military unit or a solider.  We at Black Star Surplus want you to be satisfied with your purchase.  Daily, our staff is sorting and grading surplus according to our 4+ category system.   We explain the conditions specific to each of our products directly on that product page.  We try to provide several photographs showing average wear and defects in each category. Photos are accurate but not exact product matches; the military contracts are fulfilled by multiple manufacturers during different time periods.  National Stock Numbers (NSN) are accurate, however, they may not be printed on labels for individual components (like the MSS and Main Packs) and could vary over time.  Materials, color shades, etc. will also vary.

If you have any questions, please contact us prior to purchasing.

New Old Stock: These items, even though they may be several years old, are still unissued and new.  They may or may not be in the original packaging. The Government will consolidate and distribute in the most appropriate manor to suit their needs. They may be packaged individually for resupply, or in bulk for major distribution. They can and often times will have imperfections due to transportation, distribution, and prolonged storage in varying environments.  Your NEW boots may have been in a crate for three years- and in three different countries.  Expect scuffs, wrinkles in fabric, etc., but know these are the best of the best!

Very Good Condition:  These items are usually new or nearly new items that a soldier put his or her name on.   They may have never used it or used it only a few times (ask any military member to remember an item they were issued and never used- they have one!)  Products are often changed and upgraded after noticing areas where manufacturing could be improved  (the black paint on tactical vest shows wear and fading long before the vest gets to its tactical operation, for instance).  These areas are often the only areas affected in this condition.   Imagine: snaps and zippers with finishes starting to rub off, buckles that have scuffs from rubbing other buckles, Velcro that attached itself to fabric instead of the other piece of Velcro, etc.  Expect minor stains and pinholes in fabric as well.

Good Condition:  The really tried and true pieces.  If these pieces could talk, they would tell you a great story of war.  Or maybe it’s just a boring new old stock patrol bag that got snagged on a nail on the crate and got thrown into this category.  Either way, these items show moderate military use and/or have flaws that are too great to be considered very good condition.  These items likely need laundered, may be missing a buckle that doesn’t interfere with the use of the product, have faded fabric, a torn seam, holes that could use a patch, etc. 

Acceptable Condition:  If you found yourself looking at this category you’re probably looking for a bargain; you’ve found it.  These items have flaws.  They have rips or tears that need patched up.  They show serious military use.  They’re missing zipper pulls and buckles, they’re faded and used.  But if you won’t miss a buckle you didn’t even know it had, can find it in your skill set to stich a patch onto a pack, can overlook the fact that a strap has been covered in tape (lots of it), and get over the fact that your purse doesn’t match your shoes, then we think these items are a great value.   Use a  little laundry soap, a needle and thread and these items will provide you with years of quality service; just as they have provided to our service members who put them in that condition.

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