Out-Processing, Turn In Missing Items

Replacement Gear for Out-Processing

We at Black Star Surplus thank you for your service. In fact, our team is comprised of veterans and active duty spouses.
We do not have the ability to verify military status, therefore, we do not offer a military discount. However, we work with our active military members to provide well-used items exclusively for inspections and turn-ins at a very low price.
Are you transitioning from the service and need specific items that you’ve lost over the years? Needing to buy out-processing replacement gear? Black Star Surplus may be able to help! We buy government surplus, likely the very items the guy or gal before you turned in. We often have several items in well used condition that can be turned in for less than purchasing a replacement would cost through the government. We can match NSNs and have surplus spanning from the Vietnam era to currently issued gear.

Local Oklahoma City service members have an added advantage: we often accept extra camo uniforms, MREs or other items in trade!
These turn-in items do not follow our normal return and refunds policies. Please contact us for more information.